Back in 2011, we felt inspired. Inspired to make something for the world to see. We created a simple video with a GoPro and a longboard that gave us the drive to want more. That video now has over 700,000 views and is what brought us to where we are.

A couple years after we created the “GoPro Longboarding Tricks” video, we decided to dive into the video production industry. We filmed a couple friends weddings and that led to more weddings which opened up opportunities in the video marketing world. Now, almost 6 years later, we’ve built a company that not only provides us a fun and exciting lifestyle, but also provides hundreds of businesses the opportunity to show what they’re all about and achieve growth just as we did.

SMJ Productions will be recognized as the nation’s best video marketing agencies in terms of customer satisfaction, creative ability, employee retention and reputation within the industry. We will experience significant, sustained, and profitable growth.

We will attract and retain the most skilled people and will empower them through communication, training, and guidance. With passionate commitment to great work and persistence without exception, we will collectively accomplish something extraordinary that could not have been done individually. We will experience the sheer joy and excitement of building the nation’s best video marketing agency. We will be respected and admired by our employees, customers, and our fellow video marketers. We will build the best support systems, utilize the latest and greatest technologies and surround ourselves with the best people as we accomplish our goals.

We will create a fulfilling workplace where our team members willingly go the extra mile because of the value they provide and their pride of ownership in work well done. We will be viewed as the most outstanding video marketer in America because of our passion for excellence. Together, we will build a company that attracts and retains people who reflect our Mission, Vision & Company Culture. Our employees, customers, and anyone else we work with will know, without any doubt, that SMJ Productions has made a positive impact in their lives.

SMJ Productions provides a fresh perspective into your business through video marketing and a campaign strategy that leads to valuable results.

Happy Clients

Effective Content

Measurable Results

Our Team

Without our team, we are nothing. It is what makes Captive Motion the company that it is. We work with an amazing, highly skilled group o individuals that help us to move forward and perfect everything we do. We are always looking for creative minds to join our team, if you're interested working with us, feel free to apply.